Sellwood Bridge Area, 1981

I sort of miss the death-defying adventure that was the old Sellwood Bridge. Lanes so narrow a RV wont fit and unsound structure so weak busses weren’t allowed. Even riding a bike across it was a minor adventure.

Oh well… I guess this one won’t fall down in the next quake.



Downtown St. Johns, 1975

Downtown St. Johns appears relatively healthy and vibrant at least by measure of traffic and blade signs in these summer shots from 1975. Perhaps it’s an artifact of telephoto lens, but there even appears some “bustle” in these compressed street views, most likely taken in preparation for the redesign of that area a few years later.

Mystery Location


This is a little confusing. I have this as SW 1st and Gibbs, 1977. But when I look around there for an ‘after’ shot I get nothing. Maybe this was mislabeled or simply doesn’t exist?

If you can ID the house, I will put that up!

Update: House is located at 3333 SW 1st Ave. Thanks for solving this one guys!


Before & After: Vermont @ 30th 1975

This picture reminds me how few I have of SW. A real shame as we can see here, the changes are more subtle but still interesting.

Some things I noticed: the old bus stop signs and shelter. Passing was allowed in strange places in 1975. This intersection was signalized and curbed probably shortly after. The fire hydrant is unchanged. The powerlines are more annoying now.