Before & After: Broadway @ Glisan, 1978


Here is another view of the “temporary” Trailways intercity bus station erected on this long-vacant lot on NE Broadway at Glisan St. This was not used for Greyhound. That station, that I have previously written about, was located on SW Taylor. The two were combined upon completion of the present bus station in 1984. This is clearly an example of how low property values had fallen in Old Town by this time. Although nominally temporary, this building looks to be semi-permanent with landscaping and would be more at home on a rural byway rather than a major city-center.


Shocker: City planned to gut Hollywood for massive interchange

These slides were missfiled in my collection, but take a gander at this horrific plan to gut the Hollywood District for a massive grade separated interchange at Sandy and 39th.

Though undated, I estimate this is from the late 30s. Old enough for Steigerwald Dairy bottle to be standing and for traffic congestion to be a thing.

Thank god they decided not to go forward with the plan, however the rendering is pretty refined indicating that they were far enough along in the process to be pumping out visuals for the public. It is shocking to remember how willing to destroy their neighborhoods for ease of traffic people were. Sort of reminds me of how we treat the internet today.

The accompanying aerial clearly shows little traffic, so this must have been purely anticipatory destruction. Even better!

Hollywood District, Jan. 1977 and Redlining

You really get a sense of the middle class, hustle-bustle of Portland’s Hollywood District in these pics from January 1977. Unlike other areas, Hollywood and neighboring Grant Park, have always been fairly stable neighborhoods, spared the worst ravages of crime, real (or imagined in the case of block busting) and consequent cratering home values. And except for Hollywood East, a soviet-styled nightmare at 45th and Broadway, the district never really succumbed to “urban renewal”.

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Before & After: Division @ 32nd, 1977

Such a shame what happened to this once humble neighborhood, now teeming with corporate relocates and culture vultures. I really think someday we will regret all this sloppy construction.