A Stroll Thru Hollywood

Today we go on a pleasant late summer stroll amongst the congested traffic of a newly spruced up Hollywood District in August of 1986. Note the new sidewalks, planters, the latest fashions in street furniture and heritage sign toppers. You can’t quite make out the features on the marquee.

In many ways I feel Hollywood is one Portland neighborhood which has changed the least over the the preceding 30 years. It has never been a “hot” neighborhood. Nor has it really fallen on rough times like so many other business districts (with subsequent gentrification.) It’s always been somewhere people passed through to get some place else. Sandy Road is one of the oldest in the city, first serving as an indian trail to the Columbia River from the Willamette, then as 1st gen suburb in the 20s, as highway commercial in the 50s and finally as a crossroads with I-84. Maybe that is why the business district and surrounding neighborhoods have been so stable.

On a side note, we are still working out the technological component of Faded Portland. Hopefully in the future you will be seeing much sharper and evenly colored scans. I am surprised to learn of how little information and resources there are for people looking to digitally archive 35mm slides at home that do not directly involve $2,000 machines designed solely for that purpose. If anyone out there has some tips, pass them on.


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