Above Kelley Point Park 1976

Near the intersection of N. Marine Drive and Lombard @ Columbia Slough we fly on a perfectly clear October day in 1976. Kelley Point park looks relatively new, as are the few industrial tracts we see completed by the time these photos were taken. Interesting to note how the entrance to the park as been realigned since these pictures were taken.



One thought on “Above Kelley Point Park 1976

  1. Its also interesting to note how different the roadway system is out in that area. The Lombard/Marine connection has yet to be made and there is not bridge crossing the slough; hence the differing alignment of the entrance to the park.

    Whenever I drive around in that area (or anywhere in the wetland/delta area along the Columbia), I’m struck by the fact that, not very long ago, that whole area likely looked at lot like Sauvie Island does today.


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