NW. 23rd, 1986

As early as 1983 fears spread of rampant speculation and gentrification in response to the rapid redevelopment taking place along NW. 23 and 21st Ave’s. No other person was more responsible for this real estate boomlet than Richard Singer. Singer came to own most of the real estate on 23rd mostly as a result of luck/inheritance but successfully parlayed his holdings into a mini-empire of shops and eateries. Chichi hotspots pushed out longtime (less profitable) businesses and enticed an entirely different crowd to “rediscover” northwest. The common complaint was these West Hills/Beaverton types would descend in to “brunch & browse” trendy boutiques while occupying precious little parking, driving out local residents in the process.

Sound familiar?

The funny, or not so funny part to those who live there, is the parking problem is still not resolved, coming to a council vote which would have required new buildings include parking. The council passed a city-wide rule a few days ago but not before carving out a special exemption for NW.



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