Mystery Location

Ok this is a total longshot. But here it goes!

The only information I have is that it is 1986.


4 thoughts on “Mystery Location

  1. Here are some basic thoughts…
    1. it looks north south as the shadows are coming from the left and it looks like sunset.
    2. this looks like a street that either T’s or turns left at the end
    3. the street it “T’s” into is the backside of a one house deep block (you are looking at the garages so this is the back of the houses). This would limit it to a number of streets that T into smaller blocks in Portland.
    4. The architecture style of the garages at the end of the block look like they fit houses from at least the 20’s – 40’s
    5. There are no “nicer” cars (it is 1986) and there is a delivery truck so this should point to certain parts of portland

    now to find a street that dead ends like this with two garages at the end.


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