East End of Ross Island Bridge. Oct., 1977

If anyone has information on that orange building on Powell pictured here, I would appreciate hearing from you it in the comments. It has always been a mystery to me. Presently it is a pot and antiques (?) shop but may have been a restaurant or auto-related business.


6 thoughts on “East End of Ross Island Bridge. Oct., 1977

  1. Kitten, When I was growing up we drove by that building often. I remember it as some sort of saving stamp store. Like S&H green stamps, but not them. Thrifty, perhaps? Anyway, what caught my eye as a kid was the spectacular neon sign. It amazed me that the sign appeared larger than the store!


  2. That building on Powell with the huge signboard was built as the world headquarters of “The Lifetime Roof Company”. It featured a large neon light display in the 1940s and 50s that could be seen from miles away. The company made some sort of roofing time that was supposed to last forever. Not sure about the roofing materials, but the company didn’t last for very long.


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