NE. 13th and Sandy Blvd., 1986

This view of Sandy no longer exists as it is no longer a road but a strange plaza of bioswales and ill-considered landscaping. Sandy was extended from it’s terminus at 16th and Davis to 14th and Couch in about 1922 to facilitate connection with the Burnside Bridge. This was THE way to get from central city to the Columbia River Highway, which of course was the main road east.

This was also Portland’s original auto-row. From 13th to 40th all-manner of dealerships, shops, and gas stations lined the road. The Fred Meyer in Hollywood on Sandy and 41st was quite unique to the region in that it was the first example of a super market designed to cater to shoppers arriving by car.

Though dating to a different decade, this footage of Sandy near 33rd in 1939 is fascinating. You really get the sense people of how driving culture has changed. No texting or voice-activated heated seats. That and they died in massive numbers compared to today.




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