Before& After: SE Division, 1977

Initially I assumed this was somewhere on Belmont what with downtown and West Hills clearly visible in the background. However, a quick search of “Charlie Brown’s” led me to discover that this is the corner of SE Division and 37th.

One assumes the owner of so named an establishment didn’t seek proper licensing agreements for use of either the name or the likeness of the famous cartoon character, here crudely illustrated with stereotypical asian conical hat. Apparently the establishment had been more seafood oriented, judging by the abundant nautical motifs on the exterior.

Bonus points for that strange bus shelter. Not sure what is up with that, but it looks pretty dapper in anodized bronze and smoked glass. Wouldn’t mind standing there myself over the current more flimsy designs.


2 thoughts on “Before& After: SE Division, 1977

  1. Ah! Good memories. I remember those bus stops, very modern at the time. And yes, they did provide better rain protection although I recall a lot of the windows being broken out and replaced on a frequent basis. Had a friend live around the corner on 37th, wonderful old homes. Charlie Brown’s later became the Egyptian Club, a significant LGBT landmark in Portland. They kept the wood exterior intact as well! Cool photo.


    • Oh, interesting tidbit about the Egyptian Room. I forgot about this. The bus shelter design looks nice and solid. I like that, though I can see them being more vandal prone and costly to maintain.


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