Mystery Location- Solved!

So, we know this is on SE. Long, but somehow I fail to recognize the cross street.

Leave a comment if you can help us out.


5 thoughts on “Mystery Location- Solved!

  1. Its Long and Milwaukie Ave. Spent about an hour finding it this morning. The garages on the left are surrounded by bushes now but line up as well as the apartment building fence on the right.

    Keep the challenges coming. 🙂


  2. Impressive work! Decade Cigarettes: “Decade Cigarettes offers a no-nonsense brand that offers a quality smoke at a fair price.” What more could you want?


  3. Lots of change going on in this area currently. The light green building to the right of the bus is coming down soon to make way for yet another apartment building.

    Those trees are still there and will hopefully be staying.


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