Before & After: Powell @ 30th

Here is a fantastic illustration of vast improvement buried utilities can make on a streetscape, here on SE Powell near 30th Ave. Obviously the trees don’t hurt either, but they would never have been possible if not for the removal of the overhead lines first. Notice the North side doesn’t even have a sidewalk!

Editors Note: Looks like the scanner got a little hot to trot on the digital ICE and unsharp mask, though you have to download and zoom in to see this. All my source photos are 35mm slides, so I really have to crank up the sharpening and dust supression to wring every last detail out of the available source, this results in some strangeness.


Yay, ICE artifacts! But still preferable to seeing 30+ years of dust and body hair on the slide.


2 thoughts on “Before & After: Powell @ 30th

  1. That used car lot on the Southwest corner of 31st and Powell is still there. Amazing that it has stayed that for such a long time. Same with Pat Twyman’s used car lot on 37th and Powell. Real stalwarts of the neighborhood! Also interesting, I didn’t know that making a left turn (Northbound) on 33rd was prohibited. This photo is surely from the 1970’s as I recall being able to make that turn in the 1980’s. Thanks for posting.


    • Hi Jens, Interesting observations. Funny how long these particular lots have stayed active. They are really sitting on a mini goldmine in land value there.
      Kind of interesting to think that lately that area of Powell has been the epicenter of intense pressure from the alternative transportation community to get better crossings installed after two major crash-ups. To think there was a time when this stretch had missing sidewalks! We have made great progress but we demand so much more from our roads today.


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