Mystery Location: Solved!

Can’t believe I can’t recognize this one. Please comment below if you know.

Update: this is the corner of SE 39th @ Powell, looking North.




8 thoughts on “Mystery Location: Solved!

  1. Ah, yes. I saw those signs a lot when I lived a couple of blocks from from there, circa 1970. That Jolly Roger sign is now on SE 12th.


  2. If the photographer would have turned 90 degrees to the South, you’d be looking at a Safeway supermarket. An interesting tie-in to your previous post, although to my recollection, it was not a Marina-style location. The only business that still exists in the photo is Excalibur, I believe Portland’s longest running comic book store. I would head there after school some days to waste time, browsing the aisles. And Kienow’s supermarket was about 10 blocks North of here, at Division. What a funky old store, good memories. Great photo, keep ’em coming!


      • The Boys & Girls Club in Westmoreland is an old barrel-vault Safeway store too. It has been renovated nearly past the point of recognition though. It is slated for demolition early next year.


      • I found a really cool forum where a guy looked up all the Safeway locations in like 1965 in Portland phone book. He listed the address and disposition of the building. So many are gone. While this is to be expected as the industry consolidated and stores became much larger and elaborate, it is sad how dense a network of grocers we once had. The popularity of shopping by car and the less frequent trips it allowed dramatically changed the landscape and neighborhood markets as they grew into supermarkets and hyper markets like Fred Meyer. While the advances in technology and transportation vastly improved the efficiency of the grocery industry and thus lowered end user costs, there’s no denying that we lost something when the smaller stores closed and consolidated behind large surface lots like the one at Safeway on Hawthorne. I think the marina on Hawthorne at least had the potential to be uplifting unlike the current mess but if it were up to me there wouldn’t be a huge autocentric market smack dab in the middle of one of the most walkable neighborhoods.


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