Before & After: Jefferson @ 4th, 1986

Kind of a thrill to see these horrible cars in the wild and not just total jalopies. That is literally the only way I can remember them.


I am specifically referring here to the ’79 Monte, which despite being only 7 years young looks pretty ragged in this pic. Note the absence of cross walk markings and red shafted heritage lighting. Not sure what is up with that.



3 thoughts on “Before & After: Jefferson @ 4th, 1986

  1. That red that can be seen on the streetlight pole is primer. Yes, the City actually used to have a program to sand, prime, and repaint these. The program was cut a number of years ago and the only ones that have been refinished since then are the ones that were rehabbed for the Transit Mall rehab and the ones close to Pioneer Square. The latter were painted only when the local stores complained and paid for the work themselves.


    • Lance: interesting inside information. I had no idea there was a program, or that it required one or who paid for it. Amazing how complicated even something as seemingly simple as light poles are. Thanks for the info!


  2. Interesting to see how they cut down the old traffic signal pole to hold the pedestrian signals and control box while putting up a new one a few feet away.


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