Going with our nascent bus theme here, I thought I would put these up for your enjoyment. No dates, but I would guess is these slides had something to do with the planning for LRT MAX and looking at vehicle options. Imagine how sad our downtown would’ve been had opted for one of these beasts instead of LRT.


3 thoughts on “Buses

  1. Makes one wonder where all of the old Orange Tri-Met buses went. They had a certain charm with those funky sliding windows but I clearly remember them belching exhaust, clouds of choking black stank. Perhaps they were melted down for scrap. Or shipped to a third world nation. Hmm…


    • Don’t you think they just repainted them? There are entire blogs devoted to Trimet buses, but the exact addresses and names escape me! Maybe they just introduced the new livery with the new branding on new busses starting in the 80s?


  2. Most of them were ultimately repainted into the white with stripes color scheme.

    Diesel buses seldom make it to see their 20th birthday. The orange and chrome TriMet buses like the one shown here were largely scrapped by the mid 1990s.


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