Mystery Location: Solved!

Ok, this one should be easy. We know this is SE 82nd Avenue, but where? I was thinking 82nd @ Woodward. Also I have to point out that old bubble-lettered z100 logo. I remember having one of those on my parents’ cars growing up!

Update: Eagle-eyed reader Jens confirmed that this is indeed looking north on SE 82nd near Brooklyn St. Included an after pic.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Location: Solved!

  1. Another great photo with a lot of detail. Pretty sure this is taken from Powell Blvd, looking North. Those used car lots on the West side of the street are still there but the businesses further South were demolished to build ‘Powell Station’ strip mall. I’m really loving the Z100 fm and the Suzuki Samurai billboards, so very 1986! Looks like the photo was taken at 6:45pm (see digital clock signage) and ambient light from the West and in late summer based on the dates of the concert adverts. What I would’ve given to have seen Dwight Yoakam at whatever small venue he was playing then! Thanks for posting another gem.


    • Good catch on the temp! I didn’t see that or the DY poster. Did you notice the strange center turn lane config? It is much different from today’s standard: way more fussy and precise as to how and where you could move in it.


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