Mystery Location: Solved! Powell Blvd @69th, 1977

Editors Note:  Hey Guys. I like you have been completely stumped by this one. So I did some more looking and I have reason to believe that it is somewhere out on SE Powell Blvd, past 65th. Unfortunately, the south side of Powell was decimated to make way for the ill-fated Mount Hood Freeway, making identification by buildings alone, all but impossible. We may never know exactly where this location is, but my best guess is Powell Blvd directly south of Kellogg Middle School.

This slide is only Labeled “Lombard” and date stamped 1977. Help us out if you can figure it out! The motel pictured in the background is creatively named Budget Motel, if that is any help.


14 thoughts on “Mystery Location: Solved! Powell Blvd @69th, 1977

  1. Editor’s Note: Unbeknownst to me, the comments were disabled for this post but valiant reader CK., emailed me the following answer to my mystery post:

    I tried to find a location for your photo of Lombard, and I could not find the motel or the brick building at the left. But I did come up with a location as a guess.

    There is a school crosswalk sign in the picture, and there aren’t that many schools along Lombard. The picture could have been taken from just west of Interstate. De La Salle North Catholic High School is there on the north. The brick building could be on the corner of N. Greenwich Ave, and the motel could be on Concord. The crosswalk in the photo is between Greenwich and Concord. It is now located at N. Fenwick Ave.

    If this is right, the buildings that replaced the ones in the photo sure didn’t help the street’s aesthetics.


  2. That is not correct. I grew up on Greenwich and went to Kenton. There was NEVER a motel there. And that brick buildings was not on the corner either.


    • Yeah. I know that’s not the location. This one seems tricky. I think looking for those billboards would be a key to figuring this one out. They rarely disappear from a streetscape. Many areas on Lombard were changed in the eighties and my memory and online databases don’t go back that far.


  3. It definitely looks like powell or division. Even though i can’t find the spot, here are some research notes:
    – looks like you can see the VA hospital on the hill in the distance.
    – this could also be the hospital building that was up above NW 23rd making this Burnside or Glisan (but there are no short blocks east/west) near the schools off burnsde or glisan)
    – that building in the distance could also be that apartment building above duniway
    – zooming in, there is a street sign in front of the hotel, it almost looks like an NE instead of an SE
    – it could be division but the power poles and street lights would have had to change the side of the street.
    – its obviously near a school
    – i have looked but can’t find the large bungalo house beyond the motel sign anywhere.
    – When was Powell widened?


    • Thanks guys for all your hard work! I’m now calling this one solved but stay tuned for more fun and games in the future. It’s definitely SE Powell Blvd at 69th. The trick was that little hotel has been truncated for the purposes of road widening and as such was either completely rebuilt or simply reconfigured and is now significantly different.


  4. With all due respect to the responding parties, I have to disagree with Garey Fouts and PMC. I feel confidently it’s Lombard, more specifically C.K.’s original reply that it is indeed Lombard. I stand by my gut reaction of seeing that view countless time, driving West on Lombard. Likewise, I’ve driven East on Powell thousands of time as well. The defining aspect for me is the West Hills. That view does not resemble Powell Butte due to geography, light or cloud pattern. That’s what’s great about these posts; we can all agree to disagree.

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  5. Wow! You’re right Garey! Kellogg Middle School. Powell Blvd pre-widening. Apologies. I love being educated on something I feel like I know so intimately. Kudos to solving the mystery!

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  6. I didn’t solve it, just added to the discussion.

    By the way, that motel was infamous a few years (decades?) ago for being a NoTell Motel, located across the street from Kellogg. It caused a big stink at the time. I think it’s fairly tame now, but i could never figure out why someone would stay there.


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