Before & After: SE Grand at Salmon, 1982

Wee street trees and asphalt bake in the late September sun back in, 1982 on SE Grand. Like SE 82nd, this was and remains an egregious traffic-sewer, but it is helpful to remember just how inhospitable these thoroughfares were 20 years ago to anyone outside of a car. Though it is rare, today one can reasonably walk this stretch with a modicum of dignity and comfort foreign to the arterials of yesteryear.



2 thoughts on “Before & After: SE Grand at Salmon, 1982

  1. I’m noticing a common theme with these before and after posts: TREES. More specifically how much trees make a difference in ‘softening’ the landscape. That aside, not much has changed in this photo. 99E is still a major arterial with folks driving 35-40 mph and this particular stretch lacks pedestrian appeal. But now it has mature trees!


  2. I know, the street trees make a huge impact on the streetscape. We really take them for granted but boy what a difference they made. Even though the posted speed limit is 35, you see a lot of people going slower and I think a big part of this is the visual effect of having all the mature trees.


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