Before & After: SW Bancroft and Moody, 1974

Another rough February day back in 1974 when this shot looking South at Moody and Bancroft when this pic was taken. This shelter is the terminus of the fledgling Willamette Shore Trolley (WST) which operates in the historical novelty attraction mode.

Some interesting history on the trolley:

edited for length from WST

The Right-of-way of the WST dates back to the 1880’s as a narrow gauge steam railroad linking Portland to Oswego (as Lake Oswego was known back then) and south into the Willamette Valley. The Southern Pacific acquired the line and converted it to standard gauge.

In 1914 the line was electrified and Red Electric Interurban service was born. One could board a Red Electric Car and ride to Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Newberg, McMinnville and Corvallis. In 1921 the Elk Rock Tunnel was opened replacing a wooded trestle then went around Elk Rock. In 1929 passenger service ended. Freight service continued until 1983.

In 1984 the Southern Pacific filed for abandonment of the line from Lake Oswego to Portland. A Consortium of local governments and agencies acquired the line to preserve for a future transit use.

The line was extended north to Riverplace at one point, but was later cut back to Moody St to permit Portland Streetcar to enter the south water front district. In recent years the line has been cut back to Powers Marine Park to permit construction of the Sellwood Bridge. It is hoped service to to South Waterfront will be restore later in 2016.


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