Mystery Location: Solved! 1975

Update: A reader has correctly identified this as the house at the Southwest corner of 33rd and Belmont. It is known as the Fisher House and was undergoing extensive restoration by local preservation legends, Jerry Bosco and Ben Milligan at the time this photo was taken in 1978. For more information and pics check out the owners site here.

October 1975, a victorian undergoing rehab. #413/415 913/915 somewhere, I think this is probably SE Portland but that is just a guess. The mid seventies marked the start of the revolution in home renovation and appreciation of these grand old structures and the rediscovery of urban living.


3 thoughts on “Mystery Location: Solved! 1975

    • Author’s Response: Great job, that has got to be the same house! Kind of sad how it is painted like it is. Though lovingly detailed and maintained, I think the older pic shows each siding texture painted in a different color, which more faithful to the original style of collage embraced by the victorians.


  1. This is the Thaddeus Fisher house. It’s on the National Historic Register and is in the middle of the block on 33rd, not quite the corner. The corner of 33rd and Belmont is the garden patio for the Pied Cow. Both built by the same unknown builder apparently.


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