Above Hollywood, 1977

Here we see the weirdness that was 39th at Sandy Blvd before construction of the Metropolitan Area Express triggered a reconfig of the area. As we celebrate MAX on its 30th birthday and remember the excitement of the breakthrough it symbolized, few will recall that a significant portion of the funds diverted from the Mt. Hood Freeway were actually spent on freeway construction. I-84 and its associated interchanges from Lloyd to I-205 was nearly completely rebuilt due to the project’s dedicated ROW and clearance issues with existing overpasses through that area.

Also timely to note how much things have changed in how TriMet finances these mega-projects. Back in ’86 when the original Eastside MAX was budgeted, the Democratically controlled federal government kicked in an incredible 83% of money. Contrast this with the scant 50% for Orange’s massive $1.46 billion pricetag.

Indeed, something has changed. And more change is coming January 20. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear something worth celebrating.


3 thoughts on “Above Hollywood, 1977

  1. Wow, that intersection of NE 39th Avenue on the south side of NE Sandy Boulevard was even crazier than I remember it. This area was quite the weekend destination too with the Hollywood Theatre, Yaw’s, Poor Richard’s, and Carmen’s all near-by. Heck, Carmen’s and their parking lot were right there in the middle of the bridge approaches.


  2. Hey Lance, interesting. Never knew Hollywood was a major weekend destination. I’ve always thought of it as a sort of sleepy, staid middlecalsss business district. But then it should be noted I’m only 35.
    That poor building surrounded by all those roads @39th reminds me of the story of The Little House. I wonder why they deemed it worthy of such accommodation and preservation.


  3. Btw. One thing I forgot to mention is that amongst all the I-84 changes , the Hollywood exit from 84 westbound appears to be the same as the one currently there. It is not. The ramp was rebuilt at 42nd AVE to accommodate the Hollywood TC.


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