Potourri: Around Town in 1986

Just a random collection of slides I am not sure quite what to do with but thought I might as well throw them online. All of these were taken in August, 1986


2 thoughts on “Potourri: Around Town in 1986

  1. hey great pics and love the blog! have you ever considered building a fanbase on Facebook? seems like there are a lot of folks over there…


    • Thanks for your suggestion kitty meow meow but I’ve actually made an effort to avoid this becoming FB-dependent. I could’ve just put everything on Tumblr too but I deliberately choose this platform as it gives me the most control over my message and content. I think FB owns enough clicks and eyeballs not to have mine as well. In my opinion, FB is a nessary evil and we should all resist enriching them further. That said, if other people find it more convenient to enteract on, I will assist them in finding my content. My mission is to share what I have with as many people as possible while doing so though multiple platforms.


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