Before & After: Division @ 32nd, 1977

Such a shame what happened to this once humble neighborhood, now teeming with corporate relocates and culture vultures. I really think someday we will regret all this sloppy construction.



4 thoughts on “Before & After: Division @ 32nd, 1977

  1. Kittens, I could not agree more. One of my favorite things to do is take drives around town, go over my old haunts, check out what’s changed and what remains the same. There has been some good progress made, such as in my opinion along MLK. But others, such as this one, not so much. Thank you for pointing that out. 🙂

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    • Thanks Chris! I paint with a broad brush. I just think so much is changing so fast here that we barely understand the implications of decisions made in the 90s Remember that change to city code which permitted certain types of new buildings to have zero percent parking? Still dealing with the fallout. I love density but there needs to be an equally enthusiastic push for transit and active transportation options if this city is going to keep moving


  2. That Honda Civic is gleaming! My good friend in high school drove that same car, same color, and it was an amazing piece of engineering. The Japanese version of the VW Beetle. Went to middle school just around the corner and have fond memories of the Crown Mart, getting candy after school on the way home. A simpler time.


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