Before & After: Powell @6th, 1986

Holstein Haus: Master Chef Jerry is Here!

30 years later, saplings have sprouted into bushy beasts along this foresaken strip of Powell where little has changed.


4 thoughts on “Before & After: Powell @6th, 1986

  1. The 1996 picture is from right around the time that there was a change to traffic flow in this area. Vehicles from McLoughlin northbound looking to go westbound across the Ross Island Bridge used to be routed onto the street to the immediate east of that restaurant. In order to make for more room to merge onto the bridge, this traffic was shifted one block to the east where it I still located today.

    This merge lane brings me endless frustration since most cars continue to come to a complete stop even though it is a yield/merge situation. For crying out loud people, they took the Stop sign down 30 plus years ago to accommodate this change. I have always wanted to make a bootleg “DON’T STOP” sign to place here.

    One other side note…I don’t remember the name of it, but there used to be a breakfast café in this spot in the late 70s to early 80s that used to really pack in the people on the weekends.


    • Yeah, I think that is always going to be an issue where you have a shallow radius corner intersecting with fast moving traffic. If they wanted to encourage people to yield rather than stop, they would need to install an island with curb to protect the entering traffic from the faster moving WB Powell traffic.


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