Before & After: Broadway @ Glisan, 1978


Here is another view of the “temporary” Trailways intercity bus station erected on this long-vacant lot on NW Broadway at Glisan St. This was not used for Greyhound. That station, that I have previously written about, was located on SW Taylor. The two were combined upon completion of the present bus station in 1984. This is clearly an example of how low property values had fallen in Old Town by this time. Although nominally temporary, this building looks to be semi-permanent with landscaping and would be more at home on a rural byway rather than a major city-center.



2 thoughts on “Before & After: Broadway @ Glisan, 1978

  1. Here is my solution for the current Greyhound Station: Have the City buy and rehab it with urban renewal funds just like they have already done with Union Station. Greyhound could then stay in a portion of the building as a long-term tenant. The rest of the building could then be rented out for other transportation related users. Other transit agencies such as C-Tran, Cherriots, CAT, and SMART should then be encouraged to use this as a layover spot for express bus service into Downtown. Any remaining space could be used by taxi companies, pedicabs, or bike messengers.


    • I think that is a wonderful idea and very much in keeping with the goal of creating a regional transit centre in downtown next to the train depot. Sadly, the forces which are pulling these services apart appear to be greater than those keeping them together and I fear we are in a permanent stage of transportation disaggregation.


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