Mystery Location


This is a little confusing. I have this as SW 1st and Gibbs, 1977. But when I look around there for an ‘after’ shot I get nothing. Maybe this was mislabeled or simply doesn’t exist?

If you can ID the house, I will put that up!

Update: House is located at 3333 SW 1st Ave. Thanks for solving this one guys!



Mystery Location: Solved!

This mystery location is a real doozy. I have not a clue as to its whereabouts. Though the lack of a hillside in the distance may indicate it being on the westside of the river. Photo is from 1973. Enlarged for your convenience is the address number.

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Mystery Location: Solved! Portland Grocery, 1977

Update: Thanks to Michelle for helping solve this one. See below for links to entertaining hearing docs and further info!

Boy, someone out there has to know where this is. Great little neighborhood bodega somewhere in SE Portland, 1977. I am thinking Belmont, but don’t put too much weight on that. Chime in if you think you know!



Mystery Location: Solved! 1975

Update: A reader has correctly identified this as the house at the Southwest corner of 33rd and Belmont. It is known as the Fisher House and was undergoing extensive restoration by local preservation legends, Jerry Bosco and Ben Milligan at the time this photo was taken in 1978. For more information and pics check out the owners site here.

October 1975, a victorian undergoing rehab. #413/415 913/915 somewhere, I think this is probably SE Portland but that is just a guess. The mid seventies marked the start of the revolution in home renovation and appreciation of these grand old structures and the rediscovery of urban living.

Mystery Location: Solved! NE Fremont Near 108th. February, 1973

This one is particularly tricky as I am unsure which orientation is correct. My guess is that we’re looking east, as shown in the first one.

Update: Superstar reader “PMC”, using CSI-level 5 skills, has correctly identified this as being near NE Fremont near 108th . 


Mystery Location: Solved! Powell Blvd @69th, 1977

Editors Note:  Hey Guys. I like you have been completely stumped by this one. So I did some more looking and I have reason to believe that it is somewhere out on SE Powell Blvd, past 65th. Unfortunately, the south side of Powell was decimated to make way for the ill-fated Mount Hood Freeway, making identification by buildings alone, all but impossible. We may never know exactly where this location is, but my best guess is Powell Blvd directly south of Kellogg Middle School.

This slide is only Labeled “Lombard” and date stamped 1977. Help us out if you can figure it out! The motel pictured in the background is creatively named Budget Motel, if that is any help.

Mystery Location: Solved!

Ok, this one should be easy. We know this is SE 82nd Avenue, but where? I was thinking 82nd @ Woodward. Also I have to point out that old bubble-lettered z100 logo. I remember having one of those on my parents’ cars growing up!

Update: Eagle-eyed reader Jens confirmed that this is indeed looking north on SE 82nd near Brooklyn St. Included an after pic.