1980s proposal to redesign NW 23rd @ Burnside

Though I am unsure the exact date on this project, I would estimate sometime in the mid eighties as the property at the lower righthand corner: Barbra Sue Seal real estate office on the corner of NW 23rd and Burnside was drawn in the plan.

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Shocker: City planned to gut Hollywood for massive interchange

These slides were missfiled in my collection, but take a gander at this horrific plan to gut the Hollywood District for a massive grade separated interchange at Sandy and 39th.

Though undated, I estimate this is from the late 30s. Old enough for Steigerwald Dairy bottle to be standing and for traffic congestion to be a thing.

Thank god they decided not to go forward with the plan, however the rendering is pretty refined indicating that they were far enough along in the process to be pumping out visuals for the public. It is shocking to remember how willing to destroy their neighborhoods for ease of traffic people were. Sort of reminds me of how we treat the internet today.

The accompanying aerial clearly shows little traffic, so this must have been purely anticipatory destruction. Even better!

Potourri: Around Town in 1986

Just a random collection of slides I am not sure quite what to do with but thought I might as well throw them online. All of these were taken in August, 1986

Before & After: Powell@ 60th, 1977

I almost mistook this as Division somewhere but this was how Powell Blvd looked before the wholesale clearence of property on the south side of the road to make way for a new freeway. More on that here, if you are unfamiliar.

I have always thought Powell through this section was much to spacious given the traffic it handles. And those strange sidings with angle parking are strange and unecessiary. Seems like a great place to do some dedicated right-of-way transit but apparently the plan for BRT on Powell appears scrapped according to this Metro update, and how that everything is controlled by idiots at the federal level, I am sure there will be little to no matching funds anyway. Sigh.

Barbur Blvd @ Capitol Hwy

Here we have a shot just out front of the Barbur Transit Center in 1986. I did a quick search to see if I could get any dirt on Barbur Foods located at 9845 SW Barbur Blvd., across the street. Not a lot of mentions turned up. But apparently a guy in shorts robbed the market in 1987. In 2004 the store was purchased by a Lebanese couple and rebranded Barbur World Foods and shifted focus on specialty foods.

NW Broadway Near Union Station, 1978

Looks like a warm summer day back in 1978 when these pics looking north on Broadway near Portland Union Station were shot. Amazingly that block at NW Glisan and Broadway has remained empty ever since the demolition of the “temporary” inter-city bus depot in 1986. For a pic of the east side of this depot, see here. Interesting that they prohibited any turning movements on NW Broadway at both Glisan and Hoyt. This is no longer the case.


Before & After: SE Grand at Salmon, 1982

Wee street trees and asphalt bake in the late September sun back in, 1982 on SE Grand. Like SE 82nd, this was and remains an egregious traffic-sewer, but it is helpful to remember just how inhospitable these thoroughfares were 20 years ago to anyone outside of a car. Though it is rare, today one can reasonably walk this stretch with a modicum of dignity and comfort foreign to the arterials of yesteryear.